October 22, 2021
Varjo unveils Aero VR headset for the consumer market

Finnish company Varjo, supplier of high-end expensive headsets for the enterprise market like the xr3 and the vr3, yesterday announced the Aero VR headset. The main goal of the company is to release a more affordable headset that will find its customers among virtual reality enthusiasts. But at the same time, the cost of Varjo Aero is $ 1990 and this is only for the helmet itself, excluding base stations and controllers. The specifications of the new headset are impressive. The Varjo Aero offers 2,880 x 2,720 per eye resolution through dual mini LED displays with custom-made aspheric variable resolution lenses. It’s also got a 90Hz refresh rate and a 115 degree horizontal field of view (or 134 degrees diagonally). Aero has built-in eye tracking, which not only provides interaction and analytics, but also optimized rendering that further reduces computational requirements. That being said, the new headset does not have front-facing cameras, so there is no hand tracking or mixed reality support. But according to company representatives, this allowed to reduce the weight of the headset – it weighs only 717 grams. Orders for the Varjo Aero begin today, with first deliveries expected in December.

We invited a PhD in Chemistry to test our App
September 22, 2021
Improving VRium. We invited a PhD in Chemistry to test our App

We recently released our VR app called VRium into beta testing, with which you can study general chemistry in an interesting and interactive way. To make VRium as useful and user-friendly as possible, we invited Viktor Tokariev to test our application. Viktor holds a PhD degree in physical chemistry; he is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at the Karazin Kharkiv National University. So you can trust his opinion. Victor is an interesting conversationalist and a person truly keen on chemistry. He tested our application, pointed out soft spots and told us how we can improve the functionality. We talked with him about the educational process, discussed specifics of teaching chemistry to schoolchildren and students, and agreed on further cooperation. I think it’s important to clearly visualize fundamental chemical concepts and help students to get general knowledge and develop chemical intuition. These are necessary for materials and life sciences (where progress is crucial to find novel drugs and materials for energy and computing), but also at scale help to raise general public perception of science. I hope VRium app will help students to alleviate common pain points of chemical curriculum as well as master advanced chemical concepts. Of course, interactive VR applications like this one are even more useful during continuing global pandemic, when access to in-person chemistry classes is limited or absent. Viktor Tokariev, PhD in physical chemistry, senior lecturer at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University We will work together to refine the application to make the learning process of chemistry interesting, engaging and interactive.

The Qualium Systems futsal team has advanced to the Senior IT League of Kharkiv
September 20, 2021
The Qualium Systems futsal team has advanced to the Senior IT League of Kharkiv

A new mini-football season of the Kharkiv IT-League has begun. And our team starts it in a new status – as members of the Senior IT League. At the end of last season, we took second place in the Middle IT League and a victory in the transitional match with the Eastern Peak team made it possible to qualify for the Senior IT League. In the new season, stronger opponents, interesting matches and beautiful goals await us. Congratulations to the guys and we wish them victories in the new season!

Xiaomi Smart Glasses
September 14, 2021
Xiaomi introduced the concept of smart glasses

The glasses are called Xiaomi Smart Glasses. It is a standalone Android-enabled device that does not need a constant connection to a smartphone. The internal under-the-hood of the glasses contains a quad-core processor, a battery, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. Xiaomi Smart Glasses weigh 51 g and have a 0.13-inch monochrome display, which is made using microLED technology. The device is also equipped with one 5-megapixel camera with which you can take photos and translate text in real time. The display of the glasses allows you to display notifications from your smartphone, helps with building a route, and shows information on incoming calls. Calls can be made using the built-in speakers and microphone. So far, Xiaomi Smart Glasses are only a concept and the company has no plans to put them up for sale.

Ray-Ban Stories
September 10, 2021
Facebook teamed up with Ray-Ban on September 9 to unveil Ray-Ban Stories “smart” glasses

Co-developed by Facebook and Ray-Ban, they have two front-facing 5-megapixel cameras that can take photos and videos. The glasses are also equipped with three built-in microphones and speakers, with which you can take calls and listen to music. You can control the device by clicking on the frame or by voice commands. The created content is stored in the memory of the glasses, which will be enough for shooting about 30 videos with a maximum duration of 30 seconds and about 500 photos. If necessary, you can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and use the Facebook View application to upload existing photos and videos to it. The battery will last for about 6 hours with intensive use, and it will take about 1 hour to fully charge the device. The set comes with a portable charging case, the capacity of which will be enough to provide three days of continuous use of the glasses. Ray-Ban Stories will be sold in three frames: Wayfarer, Round, Meteor, and five colors. They will be available online and through the Ray-Ban branded network in the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, Ireland and Australia. Glasses start at $ 299 depending on design and model. The glasses have no built-in displays and no augmented reality function. This is, by the way, why we put the word “smart” in quotes. As developers of AR / VR / MR applications, we expected Facebook to showcase an AR device that would open up the benefits of augmented reality to more users. This has not happened yet, but we are optimistic about new developments of AR wearable devices and are confident that AR Apps will become an integral part of everyday life.

Unity to acquire Parsec
August 30, 2021
Unity to acquire Parsec for $ 320m

Unity has announced plans to acquire Parsec for $ 320 million. This will be the company’s largest acquisition to date. Parsec was founded in 2016 and offers clients a remote desktop access tool. Interest in Parsec has increased as many companies are moving to telecommuting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Qualium Systems mini_football team took the second place in the Middle IT League of Kharkiv
July 7, 2021
The Qualium Systems mini-football team took the second place in the Middle IT League of Kharkiv

This is the second year that our team participates in this tournament. Last year was marked by the championship in the Junior IT League, thanks to which this year we moved to the stronger Middle IT League. According to the results of the main tournament, the team finished fourth, which made it possible to play in the semifinals with a very strong and experienced Nix Solutions team. Thanks to serious preparation and concentration, the victory was won with a convincing score of 3: 0. In the final we played with the SYTOSS team. Unfortunately, in the first minutes of the match a goal was conceded, which broke us psychologically. The rival defended very competently and in a coordinated manner, they did not give an opportunity to score a return goal and deservedly won this game. This is a successful season for us, but we are striving for the championship in the new IT League in Kharkiv, which will start very soon, on the last weekend of September.

Elena Lukianova, Recruitment Specialist in Qualium Systems, attended Unity Development Event and discussed lifehacks and trends in job finding processes and QS Unity Internship
July 5, 2021
Qualium Systems Recruiter attended Unity Development Event to discuss career opportunities

Last week, Elena Lukianova, Recruitment Specialist in Qualium Systems, was invited to the Unity Development Event, where she spoke about the specifics of the admission process and internship training. Qualium Systems has opened the Unity Internship for Junior Unity Developers for several months as part of the XR application development area of focus. The participants of the event were interested to learn about the features of our area of focus – the development of AR / VR / MR solutions for various types of industries such as Education, Sport, Healthcare, Construction, etc. They asked questions about the company’s projects related to augmented and virtual reality. They were interested in technologies and work prospects. Qualium Systems is open to cooperation with young professionals and our Recruitment Department is always in touch.

Took part in VRAR Global Summit
June 11, 2021
Took part in VR/AR Global Summit

Last week, Mariia Kalashnyk, Business Development Manager, attended VR/AR Global Summit ONLINE on behalf of Qualium Systems. VR/AR Global Summits are world-class events bringing together the best knowledge and networking in VR and AR for enterprise, hardware, software and content providers from across the globe. Feeling extremely lucky and grateful for receiving lots of beneficial information from speakers and meeting so many inspiring people during the networking.