Augmented & Mixed Reality

Qualium Systems creates Augmented & Mixed Reality Apps that move businesses to the next level of digital solutions thereby enriching the real world with digital data

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What we do
Activity AR/MR Development We develop custom augmented and mixed reality apps for a wide range of smartphones and smart glasses.
Activity PoC and Prototyping We help our clients verify business ideas or test experimental product concepts in the early stages by creating proof of concept or prototype.
Activity 3D Modeling Our 3D design team creates optimized and detailed models and animations for your AR/MR apps.
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Our General Approach
Custom combination of methods and practices
There are no silver bullets and there is no single software development method that can be applied to every project with maximum efficiency. We achieve predictable and high quality results with an efficient combination of methods, processes, and practices for each particular project.
Multi-level quality control
We pay great attention to the quality control of a project. This includes, along with testing, taking into account many other aspects, such as code review, acceptance of work by the project manager, and control by the technical director.
Early risk detection and mitigation
We identify and handle all major risks at early project stages. The risk discovery and mitigation process is continuous and performed during the whole project life cycle.
Communication transparency
Efficient communication between the project team and project stakeholders is crucial for achieving project goals. At the project start, we create a clear communication with responsible contact persons and communication channels.
Control of project constraints
Your goals and priorities are the basis for our efficient management of project scope, cost and schedule (Triple Constraint model). We maintain the balance of these constraints during the whole project life cycle.
Continuous integration and delivery
We apply CI / CD practices for all our projects which allows us to achieve a high level of collaboration with stakeholders and software quality.
Technology Unity
Technology ARCore
Technology ARKit
Technology TensorFlow
Technology OpenCV
Technology Vuforia
Supplemental expertise
Expertise Computer Vision
Expertise Artificial Intelligence
Expertise Spatial Computing
Expertise WebXR
Development for Hololens 2
Based on the experience of cooperation with some companies in Europe and the USA, we offer the development of mixed reality applications for Microsoft Hololens 2 for corporate clients. HoloLens 2 was created with the core needs of the enterprise sector in mind for today’s digital experiences. It brings fruit. More than a half of the Fortune 500 enterprises have purchased Microsoft HoloLens 2, according to data provided by Microsoft. As a result, productivity increases due to more precise actions and reduced restrictions on employee collaboration.

The future of the Augmented & Mixed Reality

Augmented & Mixed Reality brings together the real world and digital elements. If augmented reality makes it possible to superimpose other digital details on the real world, mixed reality, in turn, allows interacting with virtual objects.
  • Sales of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets are expected to reach over 26 million units per year by 2023 (Statista)
  • The Augmented Reality market is projected to reach USD 88.4 billion by 2026 (Marketsandmarkets, 2021)
  • The number of mobile AR users is expected to grow to 1.73 billion by 2024 (Statista)


The ability for engineers or designers to overlay digital 3D models on the physical world, expanding their ability to evaluate and improve designs
Providing the necessary information or remote support, monitoring and diagnostic data to employees at the right time, which reduces the number of errors and increases their efficiency
Assistance in optimizing warehouse navigation, proper sorting and packaging of materials, tracking various procedures
Marketing and sales
Marketing and sales
Improving the customer experience, visualizing complex products, demonstrating products in context of use
Human resources
Human resources
Reducing the time of adaptation and training of new employees, eliminating the need for instructors. Individual approach to training
Increase student engagement through 3D visualization and augmentation of physical books experience, simplification and gamification of information
Improving the learning process for medical students and optimizing approaches to performing operations and examining patients
Optimization of the process of building routes without distracting attention from the road, which reduces the risk of getting into an accident
Providing buyers with additional information about products and promotions in real time
Real estate
Real estate
The ability to visualize individual elements of space, entire buildings and conduct tours of objects

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