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Qualium Systems creates WebXR solutions that are highly accessible and easy to distribute, thus helping you acquire new customers and grow your business

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The benefits of WebXR
The WebXR provides access to augmented reality and virtual reality devices in compatible Web browsers. Let your audience take full advantage of virtual and augmented reality through your website without the need to download a mobile App.
  • You do not have to create an Application and publish it in stores
  • Empower your website for marketing and customer acquisition
  • Ease of use of augmented and virtual reality for your customers
  • Ease of distribution and availability
What we do

Being experts in different fields, we create viable WebXR solutions that are confined to achieve business goals.

It’s possible due to our confirmed successful experience in the use of such JavaScript libraries as Three.js, Babylon.js, AR.js, A-Frame, etc.

The use of native libraries and frameworks helps us create cross-platform and cross-browser solutions which show great performance even on relatively weak devices.

What we do
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Our General Approach
Custom combination of methods and practices
There are no silver bullets and there is no single software development method that can be applied to every project with maximum efficiency. We achieve predictable and high quality results with an efficient combination of methods, processes, and practices for each particular project.
Multi-level quality control
We pay great attention to the quality control of a project. This includes, along with testing, taking into account many other aspects, such as code review, acceptance of work by the project manager, and control by the technical director.
Early risk detection and mitigation
We identify and handle all major risks at early project stages. The risk discovery and mitigation process is continuous and performed during the whole project life cycle.
Communication transparency
Efficient communication between the project team and project stakeholders is crucial for achieving project goals. At the project start, we create a clear communication with responsible contact persons and communication channels.
Control of project constraints
Your goals and priorities are the basis for our efficient management of project scope, cost and schedule (Triple Constraint model). We maintain the balance of these constraints during the whole project life cycle.
Continuous integration and delivery
We apply CI / CD practices for all our projects which allows us to achieve a high level of collaboration with stakeholders and software quality.
Technology TypeScript
Technology Three.js
Technology A-Frame
Technology Babylon.js
Technology AR.js
Supplemental expertise
Expertise Cloud Platforms
Expertise SaaS Solutions
Expertise 3D Modeling
Expertise Video Streaming


Marketing and sales
Create an engaging experience for customers, give them access to additional features that directly influence the purchase decision.
Provide buyers with additional information about products and promotions in real time
Engage students in a unique digital space that provides more opportunities for interaction and learning success.
Real Estate
Real Estate
Visualize individual elements of buildings or entire structures for your clients, conduct a virtual tour

Why our clients trust us

Established In 2010
100% Office-Based Team
60+ Professionals In Our Team
More Than 200 Projects Completed
More Than 60% Of Repeat Customers
Rated 4,9 On Clutch
Experience, professionalism and confidence. We know how to turn your idea into a real business model.