CollectingApp is a mobile app for the grocery store system, allowing stores to improve and speed up their process of serving customers and processing orders.

CollectingApp About


Creating a mobile product was an important part of the system development. All shop assistants must be provided with prompt access and real-time updates of order information to facilitate the order processing for the shipping department. The application was required to be quick to use and intuitive allowing employees to start using the system with no extra tuition.

CollectingApp Challenge


We developed CollectingApp, a cross-platform mobile application running on smartphones and tablet PCs. It supplies shop assistants with access to the list of customers’ orders, organized by status and estimated arrival time.

CollectingApp Result
CollectingApp External Devices

External Devices

CollectingApp can operate with external devices, such as barcode scanner and scales, through Bluetooth connection in order to increase performance and simplify the process of entering data to the system.


  • Angular
  • PhoneGap
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • Material Design
  • Google Maps

Selected Features

  • Full offline mode support
  • Easy access to orders and wish list
  • Orders organized by Status and ETA
  • Product substitution mechanism
  • Push notifications
  • Bluetooth barcode scanner support
  • Bluetooth scales support
  • Use of camera as a barcode scanner


We created CollectingApp and successfully integrated it with backend services.

CollectingApp Interface

Angular / HTML5 / PhoneGap technologies allowed the app to be easily adapted to all popular platforms and devices. CollectingApp is successfully used as a part of grocery shop services in stores located in Israel, USA, and other countries.

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