Symposia is a white label solution, which allows event organizers to get their own branded app for their event. It provides an easy-to-use app building admin panel for event managers and customizable applications for visitors.


The Challenge

The idea was to create a mobile solution which can bring events experience for visitors to the new level. On one hand, it should be possible to adapt it to every new corporate client (event organizer) and allow them to adjust it for their event. On the other hand, it had to be easily customizable and require reasonable efforts to make a version for every new client.


The Solution

First, we got the prototype of the design of the admin panel and application. The work was done iteratively. We developed the app builder script, frontend part of the application and the admin panel.


The admin of the service uses a management panel to quickly create apps with a predefined template, that can be ‘themed’ to a specific event quickly, easily and with minimal effort. Admin can customize font family, colors, app and event titles, icons, logo, splash screens, background images, menu items list and order. Event organizers can easily get feedback on each lecture/performance of their event from attendees with the help of an app rating system and customizable surveys, showcase their sponsors and partners, as well as to get information from analytics.

As for the mobile application, it allows end users to make networking with other attendees, to message them using app chat, view sessions and event programs, exchange contact information, search and sort event sponsors and partners. In addition, users get push notifications, view news and updates, activity feeds.  The app allows users to make a schedule for upcoming events. The built app is integrated with social networks and e-mail.


The admin panel compiles user application with the app builder working with Jenkins. Users of the admin panel do not need to have programming skills; the script will perform all necessary actions on its own. At the moment when the application opens, it makes a request to external CMS by API and receives all the data related to this particular event. Then, it’s completely ready to be uploaded to the App Store. We have completely developed this complex script that builds the application.



The Result

Our client, Symposia Events Company, can provide branded versions of their product to event organizers without any programming support. So, they’ve got a simple-to-use but powerful tool for app creation. People are already using it worldwide.


We continue to maintain and expand the service functionality, adding new features and upgrades to the existing application and admin panel.

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