The purpose of this project was developing a VR edutainment app to help students in studying chemistry with gamification approach. This application contains a learning plan in playful form with animation, interactive environment, and a score table reflecting current progress.
The challenge of this project was finding an easier way to learn complicated and tangled chemistry rules, making them more accessible for students. We had to incorporate popular game mechanics, tutorials, and visual effects making all of these an integral part of the learning process.
For achieving our goal we selected the most popular VR headset Oculus Quest 2 and hand tracking feature as a base of the future application. For the environment, we decided to use a typical classroom to focus students’ attention on the learning process.
The core tool of our app is the periodic table of Mendeleev students can interact with. We use common practices used by game designers to the learning process to improve it with the immersive flow of the games.
We’ve added to chemistry lessons from the high school tips, quests, and scores. Interaction model in the app is based on gestures (without any controllers), this point adds extra immersiveness in the learning process.
Unity SDK
Newtonsoft JSON
Team and duration
Team 5 experts
Two Unity Developers
One PM
One QA
One Chemistry Scientist (PhD)
Time 6 months

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