Have you ever wanted to try drawing vr graffiti? Feel what street artists experience when they fill the gray space with bold multicolored strokes, ready at any moment to leave the place of unauthorized creativity.
Now you have such an opportunity. One of our clients ordered us to develop a virtual reality application that allows you to experience the entire graffiti creation process as realistically as possible.
Realistic Physics
The main difficulty in developing this application was precisely the requirement for maximum realism. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to take into account many details that affect the naturalness and smoothness of the drawing process. In addition, there were certain difficulties with the creation of locations, since their careful drawing required significant resources, which led to an increase in load and reduced application performance.
The drawing process itself is calculated mathematically using linear interpolation. We launch a beam from a spray can of paint and aim at the texture of the wall on which we will paint, then we calculate the pixels, and the paint is transferred to the wall.
Unity’s built-in math couldn’t cope with a lot of miscalculations, so we decided to use the Unity C# Job System — it allows you to write simple and safe multithreaded code that interacts with the Unity Engine to improve performance. Mesh Combiner was used to work with locations. This allowed us to reduce the load and optimize performance.

Visual results

Oculus platform
Oculus platform
Unity SDK
Unity SDK Job System
Team and duration
Team 3 Experts
- One Unity developer
- One QA
- One PM
Duration 2 months

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