ICT Sorter is a system that implements remote inspection and control of products that are produced on the conveyor. This IoT application aims to automate the production process and improve quality control of products.


The Challenge

The client already had a robot emulator, which tests the PCB (printed circuit board) on the conveyor. Our task was to create an application for operators to control this robot. It had to be a GUI (graphic user interface) for a robotic assembly station, made for tablet devices, specially created for factory conditions.

The Solution

We developed the app from scratch:

  • 01
    developed app UI/UX concept
  • 02
    made a design
  • 03
    developed the application itself and integrated it with the backend

It gathers data from robots on-line, and has a few access levels. On the Operator level the user has access to System screen and Data log, he can only watch and analyse the data. On the Maintenance level the user can control the robot over Alarm screen: press stop, pause, abort, return to work. On the Engineer level the user manages robot configuration and actions with the Setup screen. The highest – factory level – provides access to any hidden screens and features. The access level is determined during the authorization of the user.

Mobile app integrates smoothly with existing back-end API using raw sockets to send the commands and Redis events system to get status changes from the robot. The application is made 50/50 with React Native and Java. TCP communication is based on ZeroMQ.



The Result

We developed an Android version of the application using modern hybrid technologies. The robot, controlled by the application, has turned from an emulator into a real functioning model.


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