Compomatic is a marketing tool which allows users to generate leads by creating and managing online competitions. It streamlines the typically manual aspects involved in creating competitions, saving 4–6 days per event.



One of the main challenges of this project was the need for developing a highly flexible solution with the multi-language support and an easy to use public API which could serve millions of users daily. The requirement was that no matter what you have (an email, an app, a game, a website, social media), if it supports HTML, Compomatic should work with it.



We created a library of pre-made elements and pages to make the platform simple and intuitive for users. By receiving all updates via email, there was no longer a need to continuously monitor the app’s performance in the administration panel throughout the day.


The Compomatic customers benefited a lot from the flexibility to select between Microsoft Excel, XML or CSV exports, or seamlessly integrate them directly into the database using our API.


Compomatic is built on the top of the infinitely scalable technologies, encrypting all traffic with the military-grade SSL and maintaining a codebase as minimal, clean, and safe as possible. It runs on proven and tested technologies used for such services as Netflix and Amazon.

Technologies and Services

  •  React
  •  Node.js
  •  PostgreSQL
  •  HTML5
  •  CSS3
  •  Bootstrap
  •  Amazon Web Services


For many years, our client has been dreaming about creating something fresh and cool for marketing purposes. The newly developed service offers unique features and provides a new approach of managing and creating competitions in bulk. It automates routine work, like setting up databases and forms, server work, landing page integration, testing, drawing the winners, plus all the transactional emails to everyone involved.


Now Compomatic is live and has already received very favorable user feedback for its simplicity and performance.

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