This platform was designed to connect companies, universities and talents. ME2WE facilitates collaboration between these user groups to develop business concepts and opportunities by utilising the strengths that each group represents.


The Challenge

When we met ME2WE, they were a fast growing and ambitious company, with international aspirations. Their platform, however, consisted of basic functionality centered around general workflow processes. Platform owners needed a development team to improve the existing functionality, as well as to further develop and support, both the platform and its ecosystem. ME2WE realized that it had to iterate and develop the platform’s capabilities in order to break out of its domestic market in Finland and grow internationally.


The Solution


First of all, we developed a separate admin panel module for managing already existing platform functionality. This took project management to a completely new operating level. To enhance the main aim of bringing people and companies together, we completely modified the existing search module, added the ability to create, edit and delete profiles, as well as the ability to display and manage UI folders. It turned ME2WE into an effective tool for all of the respective user groups to converse and develop concepts through.

We then undertook the upgrading of general project parts from ES5 (ECMAScript) to ES6. It allowed significant platform improvements from a usability and scalability perspective. After that, the ME2WE platform became more friendly to all modern technologies, fundamentally increasing integration possibilities.


In order to bring the platform to a worldwide audience, we designed and created a separate website for easy platform presentation.


  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • Express
  • PostgreSQL

The Result

ME2WE now contains the necessary functionality to become a modern, scalable and user-oriented platform for companies and job seekers alike. Since we redeveloped its core features and upgraded its functionality, it has been widely adopted and moved far beyond the Finnish market and has achieved exciting new levels of commercial success.


The Qualium Systems team has been a great help for us in building our collaboration service. They are highly skilled and motivated workers that I would like to keep working with in the future. As we are a startup, our plans and needs can change rapidly and they have been well suited to adapt when needed. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services!

Jami Haavisto
Jami Haavisto CTO / Co-founder at Me2We.

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