Glisser introduces a unique slide sharing tool and audience response system. This service connects presenter and audience through their mobile devices. The audience can interact with presenter and each other, post feedback, comments, likes and share presentation slides.

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Our partnership with the Glisser team started at the point where service already had native mobile and desktop apps. At the same time it was very important for Glisser to create a fully functional web application that would allow users to work with the tool without extra downloads and installations which was very important for engaging with the market.

Glisser Challenge


The applications were developed with the help of modern JavaScript technologies (particularly, AngularJS) that allowed us to carry the native experience into the web version with no loss of usability.

Glisser Presenter

Presenter Web App

Our main goal was developing a set of state-of-the-art mobile web applications. The Presenter web application is used to organize, edit and present to the audience in a showroom uploaded and converted from PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. It provides the ability to make live assessments of your slides and generate insights to refine future presentations. Some of the other interesting features were:

  •  Full Screen Mode
  •  Twitter Sharing
  •  Creating Polls
  •  Multi-Choices
Glisser Audience

Audience App

The Glisser Audience app adds new social enhancements and lets audiences interact and amplify one’s message beyond the room. Each event has a unique code that is registered against all mobile devices present. After logging in, users can follow the slides live on their own device, answer questions, read feeds and share slides via Twitter.

Integration with EventBrite

Several important steps were taken in order to enhance the Glisser Audience. One of them was full integration with EventBrite service – a global marketplace for live experiences allowing people to find and create events in 190 countries.

Glisser Eventbrite Integration

Supported Platforms

  •  iPhone
  •  iPad
  •  Windows Phone
  •  Android
  •  Blackberry


Glisser Portrait Mode

The Glisser web application was released and immediately used by customers in real presentation sessions. The feedback was very positive – all audience users were able to access the application quickly and easily, even in conditions where the wireless connection was poor.

Glisser Landscape Mode

The interaction between presenter and audience became more efficient and rich thanks to the newly implemented social features. Currently Glisser is quickly growing and attracting many new customers and providing them with a unique presentation experience.

We were very happy with the Qualium team – their support allowed us to accelerate our product development and their communication was excellent.

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Michael Piddock Founder at Glisser

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