Qualium Systems at Outsource People 2015

November 12, 2015
Qialium Systems on outsource people 2015 2

Our CEO Olga Krivchenko took part in the international conference Outsource People 2015, that took place on October 23-24 in Kyiv. Speakers from Ukraine, United States, Poland and other countries read about thirty reports. Many questions, that are important for outsourcing companies in Ukraine, were discussed.

Olga’s lecture and presentation was called “Being a partner of IT-startup: Expect the Unexpected”. She paid attention to some of the features that developers face with when working with startups. They relate to:
– medium- and long-term planning;
– formation of the team, that will work with the project;
– communication with the owner of a startup.

Olga also told about nuances of working with startups depending on the source and the stage of their funding. It was based on the experience of the past few years.

The lecture attracted attention of the audience. Subsequently there were a few hours of questions and communication in an informal atmosphere. Here’s a video of the speech:

Photos by Outsource People FB page:

Olga Krivchenko at Outsource People 1

Olga Krivchenko on outsource people 1

Qialium Systems on outsource people 2015 1

Olga Krivchenko at Outsource Peoplo 2015 3