Our Second Meetup: Message Queue

March 18, 2016
Message Queue RabbitMQ

Brain Academy Kharkiv together with Qualium Systems and SSA Group held a second meetup on the 12th of March. The topic was “Message Queue. Architecture planning and usage by RabbitMQ examples” (first one was on the topic “Introduction to Big Data”).

Message Queues is an architectural solution that is used for communication between the independent components of the various systems. Queues are simple and scalable tool which “teach” independent systems how to work together. They allow various subsystems to exchange messages. MQ provides routing, guaranteed delivery and scaling.

RabbitMQ is a broker that implements messaging. It provides applications with a common platform for sending and receiving messages, as well as a safe place to store them before receipt. RabbitMQ allows different applications to communicate using AMQP protocol. It’s an excellent solution for building a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and deferred distribution-intensive tasks.

All information was prepared by lecturer – Nikolai Bezruk (JavaScript developer at Qualium Systems). The whole lecture was recorded and available (in Russian) on YouTube.

Despite the fact that it was Saturday morning and the topic was highly specialized, the auditorium was completely filled up with people who wanted to listen about Message Queue. Lecture lasted about forty minutes, then there was a discussion.

Waiting for the next interesting and useful meetups!