Most Remarkable E-learning Startups
Most remarkable E-learning startups

There is no doubt that the most significant man’s creation to date is the Internet. The mere ability to connect with other people via the Internet or to use it as a platform for doing various businesses from home is pure genius. Over the years, the internet has grown from just being a platform where people can access information to a place where people can start their entrepreneurial ventures. E-learning startup is a web-based entrepreneurial venture, which is a business whose aim is to ensure that people can access learning material from the internet instead of just going to the library. The E-learning startup has changed the education system and has guaranteed that students can learn from wherever they are at any particular moment.

The E-learning startup platforms are increasing by the day because the innovators of these platforms are looking forward to solving poor quality education in the world. Many governments and other companies are looking for ways to be involved in this venture, but there are many startups across the globe, which have exciting ideas and they are funded to bring the startups to scale. Here are some of the most remarkable startups.


Obami is an educational startup that began in 2009, and since then it has undergone many changes, with the developers trying to come up with a better version of it over the years. The developers have finally found a standard profitable niche of the startup by providing learning solutions to students and other companies. Obami is an online social learning platform that links up everyone in an education space from the teachers, students, NGO’s and the government. Unlike other social media platforms like blogs and newsfeed, Obami allows sharing of educational ideas by providing an assessment module that improves the students’ participation and performance. People can access Obami on the web and through their mobile phones. Obami has proved to be a reliable educational startup and has increased its membership over the years with more schools using the startup to educate students. UNESCO, Air-France, and Netexplo recognized Obami as the most innovative technology in the world. It is among the top 20 start-ups in Africa and it is popular in Europe and the United States.

Rethink Education

Rethink Education is an E-learning education startup that was launched in 2012. It is a web and mobile-based platform, which provides educational information for mobile users across the world. Rethink Education startup comprises of two platforms, which include the messaging platforms and the web-based platform. The messaging platform conveys information inform of messages to messaging platforms like Mixit, Wechat, and Bambasia. The web-based platform is used in schools and institutions. Rethink Education also provides ten textbooks in science and mathematics in a single mobile application. The information in the startup is CAPS aligned, which is designed in a way that the students can engage in a read chart-style format with the teachers ensuring interactive learning between the students and the teacher. The startup also allows students to tutor each other. The startup enables the teacher to monitor the performance and progress of the students through the teacher dashboard. One significant advantage of Rethink Education is that it is data friendly because one chapter uses 100KB of data and uses less space on the mobile phones of students. The main feature in Rethink Education that makes it stand out from other startups is that it also uses videos as a form of interaction between the student and the teacher. Currently, Rethink Education operates in South Africa, but it is spreading fast to other countries due to the correspondences in the mathematics and science curriculum.

Since it was officially launched, has made E-learning education better for all mobile users. The E-learning startup uses the mobile phone to mimic an in-classroom learning setup. The startup works in the form of a voice message sent to the students by the teacher. The voice message, which in this case is the “Sterio”, is a recorded interactive lesion that is sent to the students through an SMS-triggered inbound voice call. The “sterio” is accessible to students who have basic phones, and it does not need Internet access. startup’s main aim is to ensure that teachers spend less time in the homework preparation by automating the preparation, distribution and marking process of the homework.


Youngsoul is an E-learning software that seeks to improve the computer skills of students. The startup aims at promoting ICT education in schools and ensuring other corporations adapt to the ICT technology.  The startup acts as a bridge that ensures that the world is conversant with the ICT technology. Youngsoul gives teachers the necessary tools to teach the students and monitor the students’ academic performances. The startup has developed new software called VirtualClass, which allows interaction between the students and teachers. The software has animated videos, simulation exercises and an explicit ICT curriculum to ensure it meets all the requirements required in an ICT school. The startup also supplies DVDs to students who do not have access to computers. The DVDs have the full ICT curriculum that the students can use.


Ubongo startup’s main aim is to simplify the teaching and learning of mathematics to students in Tanzania. The students are taught using videos in Swahili and interaction between the students and the teacher is via SMS. The E-learning startup has recently launched its mathematics rat app, which is used to sharpen the mathematical skills of the students through simulated questions. The startup’s popularity has grown over the years because it has over 1.4 million viewers in Tanzania and it is rapidly spreading to other East African Nations. Ubongo startup is looking forward to improving its services by introducing English as part of the language to ensure the startup spreads even to other African countries and across the world. The interaction between the teachers and students via SMS is free making it cheaper to learn through the startup.

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