MobileJSBuzz II Conference. June 2017

June 13, 2017

Our second conference MobileJSBuzz II on mobile JavaScript development took place on the 3rd of June in Kharkiv. Four speakers, discussion panel, 100+ visitors.

Our first event in this series was a little bit introductive: different topics, different technologies. Now, we decided to concentrate on trending theme – React Native. Three of the four speeches were devoted precisely to this. Much more detailed, filled with real examples of work, with lots of code:

1. Dmitry Zagnoyko. “True cross-platform: Qt + JS” (slides, video);

2. Dmitry Ulyanov. “How to React Native” (slidesvideo);

3. Stanislav Doskalenko. “React Native Performance Optimization” (slides, video);

4. Anton Kulik. “N things You Don’t Want to Repeat in React Native” (slides, video).

This event was a great opportunity to meet developers interested in the same technologies, to share experience, to get answers to complex questions. It is great to see so many like-minded people. We’re happy to be a part of large Ukrainian JS community, holding our own conferences, or becoming sponsors of related events.

A few photos from MobileJSBuzz II:

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-05       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-04

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-01       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-02

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-03       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-06

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-14       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-15

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-07       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-08

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-09       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-10

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-11       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-12

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-13       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-16

MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-17       MobileJSBuzz-2-Qualium-Systems-18