We are from Ukraine

March 21, 2022

President Zelensky and his advisers often say how important it is in this difficult time to organize the life of the home front, not to give up, to continue economic activity, to live as normal a life as possible. Show the enemy that we cannot be broken morally, because this begins the demoralization of society. Our soldiers, feeling a strong rear, continue to push the invaders.

Qualium Systems continues to operate. In difficult conditions, we organized the work of our developers, distributed the equipment, organized the common work of the guys in different cities of Ukraine. It was difficult, but necessary. After all, this is how we make part of our contribution to the victory of Ukraine. When everyone is busy with their own business, when everyone has the opportunity to work and provide for their families, when everyone has the opportunity to help our army financially.

Even more, we can help with our knowledge and skills. Do what we can and love. Now we are actively exploring the question of how VR applications help everyone who suffered during active hostilities, how we can help the physiological and psychological recovery of our military and civilians. We establish cooperation with experts, look at foreign experience, plan and think about how best to implement it.

You can help too. We invite all customers who need cool modern VR/AR/MR applications to cooperate. Contact us. We are from Ukraine.