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Healthcare Startups

People from all backgrounds are looking for ways to become entrepreneurs, and many different sectors are rising in the startup world. The healthcare industry has grown over the past few years, and corporations such as Oscar have shown how healthcare startups can reach over billion-dollar valuations. Last year demonstrated an increase in profits from the startup companies due to their impressive promotion innovations. With the competition increasing in the healthcare startup industry, many companies are looking for solutions for messaging, artificial intelligence and organizational structure with the aim of providing a significant breakout. Here are some of the startups on health care people should know about.


NeoLight is a healthcare startup that was developed to provide empathy to new health conditions. The first NeoLight startup provided care to infants who have jaundice, a severe condition that occurs in most infants around the world. The startup is on course to develop therapeutic and diagnostic tools that will decrease hospital re-admissions of patients who have jaundice.


Joany’s startup has ensured that the process of signing up for health care by the patients is faster and easier. Joany’s database uses a specific algorithm, which allows the patients to key in their personal information like their medical history. Lifestyle and health care recommendations are provided to the patients. Joany website is the only website that has information on all the healthcare facilities in the United States. The startup also has an application that identifies any medical bill errors. The startup also looks for the best doctors and physicians in the United States and ensures that the health care of patients is fully utilized.


Orthy is a startup located in Philadelphia whose primary aim is for the patients to interact efficiently with the orthodontist. The startup began in 2017, and the first app that the company developed was an application that scanned teeth. The application saved patients thousands of dollars by reducing the patients’ visits to the orthodontist. The application was also used to scan teeth for any invisible aligners. Orthy is planning to improve its services by increasing the number of cites to serve the patients. The startup has many research facilities that will enable the expansion of the application by introducing new technology that will reshape the startup world.


The main aim of Helium startup is that it ensures efficiency in the management of patients’ records in the hospital. The startup has a user interface, which assists the hospital employees and doctors in accessing and reviewing the patients’ data. The Helium startup mainly targets African markets where the hospital staff have higher education in handling different medical situations, and the user training in the startup is beneficial to these hospital staff. The hospitals that have decided to adopt the Helium startup have benefited from this application especially in the organizational management of the hospital.

Modern Fertility

Two women from Silicon Valley developed Modern Fertility startup as a fertility test that people can use privately from their homes. In the first week, the Modern Fertility startup had acquired a profit of over $70,000 from the orders they had received, and the company’s growth continued from there. Modern Fertility ranked as one of the best startups in 2017. The primary goal of Modern Fertility is to ensure that the patients feel comfortable during the medical process. The startup also provides the privacy of the patients’ medical records.

Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health is a popular startup in the United States primarily in New York where it is located. The startup has created a cloud-based technology platform, which is used by 260 cancer healthcare facilities. Flatiron Health startup collects the patients’ information from all these cancer healthcare facilities and transfers this data to different pharmaceutical corporations and research centers. The main purpose of Flatiron Healthcare is to battle cancer and provide research facilities with the necessary information to battle cancer. Flatiron Health has raised over $174 million to battle cancer and it is valued at $1.2 billion. The major investors of Flatiron Health include Google Ventures, First Round Capital, Roche, and Allen.


Based in South San Francisco Freenome startup is among the few blood test companies that have survived in the startup world. The startup’s main function is to use the patients’ DNA to diagnose cancer. The Freenome tests are accurate compared to the current test options used to diagnose prostate, breast, colorectal and lung cancer. The major investors are Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund and Charles River Associates who fund the startup to ensure that it goes around San Francisco conducting clinical trials.

Clover Health

Based in San Francisco Clover Health is a startup that is an insurance company that uses data science to advance the research on preventive medicine. The startup usually contains clinical information on all diseases, which helps low-income patients and elderly patients avoid visiting hospitals. The startup has gained popularity in New Jersey attending to over 25,000 patients.


Zocdoc is a New York-based startup, which ensures that patients around the United States book medical appointments online and have a chance to see what other patients are saying about the startup. It is estimated that approximately 6 million patients per month in the United States use the startup. For patients to enjoy the benefits of Zocdoc startup, they have to pay a subscription fee to be part of Zocdoc practice management software. The startup has added a new feature that ensures the patients type their symptoms and match those symptoms with a doctor, dentist or therapist. The startup has risen over $223 million to help patients’ battle different diseases.

Babylon Health

Based in London Babylon Health began as a telemedicine startup, which allowed the patients to speak to doctors via video and get the necessary treatment. It also allowed the patients to rate the service and the quality of diagnosis they have received. Babylon Health has introduced a chatbot, which analyzes all the patients’ symptoms on a database and it incorporates all the patients’ medical history and responses to the chatbot’s questions.

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