Top 7 key reasons to hire Ukrainian developers

May 21, 2021
7 Key Reasons To Hire Ukrainian Developers

When it comes to hiring a software development company there are fears such as lack of communication, lack of resources and pricing. So in this article we will review how Ukrainian developers fit in considering their culture and work ethic.

Team Players

Ukrainians focus on personal success, but for them, group achievements tend to be a lot more important within the workplace. Competition inside of a group is not popular in Ukrainian culture and people are focused on supporting one another.

Communication Skills

When interacting with people who are considered to be strangers Ukrainians appear very formal, direct, and distant as formality is often used as a sign of respect. Ukrainians are in for a long and deep relationship and open up gradually.


Detailed planning is very common among Ukrainians. Ukrainians react and adapt fast, they act on the spot when facing a difficult decision and aren’t afraid to take risks.

Foreign Languages

The vast majority of Ukrainian programmers have an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English proficiency. It’s considered normal for Ukrainians to be proficient in 3+ languages.

High level of involvement

Ukrainian developers tend to ask a lot of clarification questions, disagree with a client if they see a better solution, and explain why it might be better to take a different route. This approach means more discussions upfront but results in a minimum of wasted time and better quality of the final product.

Business Trips (once the world can travel again)

Ukraine is located within 2-3 hour flight from the majority of European capitals. Ukrainians have also been able to travel to the EU visa free since 2017. As for North America, now there is also a great number of major airlines that fly to Ukraine. Both EU, USA and Canada residents are able to visit Ukraine visa-free.

Growing amount of Tech Graduates and Community

From 2015 to 2020 the amount of IT professionals in Ukraine has doubled – it went from 90 000 to 180 000. Every year 15 000+ of computer science students graduate across Ukraine – this number is expected to keep growing as well.

Therefore, Ukrainian software developers are a great choice when selecting an offshore development team. It is a wise choice not only in terms of cost-efficiency and skills availability but also due to their ability to adapt and work well in diverse cultural environments. If you have any questions or a project idea you would like to discuss – reach out to us!

Mariia Kalashnyk, Qualium Systems, Business Development Manager